Strategic Planning for the 21st Century

Future Winners International Limited has evolved since it was founded in 1978 to become a leading exponent of twenty first century future studies and strategic game planning.   Our clients around the world report favourably on their ability to transform their organisations as successful enterprises despite the current uncompromising business environment characterised by unrelenting change, the commoditisation of knowledge, the emergence of ultra-low cost competitors, the rapid growth of customer power and employee expectations, collapsing barriers to entry, on-going mergers and the disappearance of boundaries to industries.Future Winners International has an excellent reputation for assisting our clients to:

  • Generate scenarios of the future
  • Identify and select niche markets with viable future potential
  • Write motivational and meaningful vision goals
  • Develop a Strategic GamePlan© using FWI technologies designed for this decade and the next
  • Ensure that the efforts of every division, team and individual are fully aligned to the vision goal
  • Make strategy implementation the task of every team and individual
  • Ensure strategy is a continual process and way of life
  • Ignite employee commitment and customer passion and loyalty
  • Create a customer focused ‘can do’ culture

What we do differently   Companies are not things to be targeted at market gaps.  An integrated plan is needed which optimises identified business opportunities by fully engaging the optimism, energy and commitment of every person and every team. Because of the increasingly rapid pace of change, twentieth century strategic planning techniques are not only obsolete but extremely dangerous. For these reasons we have developed Strategic GamePlans© which has been highly successful this decade and is designed to fully engage customers and employees emotionally in pursuing a vision goal.   The re-invention programme. FWI specialists lead executive teams of enterprises wishing to reinvent their future through six-twelve month programmes which undertake four key tasks:

  • The undertaking of a detailed study to understand how future trends will impact their business, how emerging technologies can be harnessed and what the impact of future competitors entering the market might be. 
  • Using FWI technologies they assist the CEO and his team to discover a niche in which their organisation can become famous to ensure a stampede of clients to their door.
  • The development and roll out a dynamic Strategic GamePlan© to fully implement the vision goal to become famous in the niche they have selected to dominate.
  • Re-engineering the leadership culture in order to reinvent the ethos, essence and spirit of the organisation using FWI programmes. This maximises employee commitment and establishes a customer focused ‘can do’ culture to win client excitement and loyalty thereby increasing the profitability and future prospects of the organisation.

We have a reputation which enables us to compete with the biggest consultancies“Entering the session, the Division was characterised by a very complex strategic dilemma, a management team of outstanding individuals without a team ethos, and a less than satisfactory forward order book. The management group had tried on previous occasions to address this situation, but without noticeable success.“The strategic time out achieved all its objectives. Deliberations remained focused throughout, and the pace never flagged until the objectives were met and documented. We would all recommend Alan’s participation in future such sessions.” Noel Potter, Executive Manager, Denel Aviation.   “We know in which direction to go as a result of the strategic planning conference you facilitated.”The processes and technologies you used throughout the Conference were refreshing compared to those used by previous facilitators and enabled us to agree our future vision and the detail of our reinvented company – all in a day and a half.The topics raised by the process gave us confidence in the new vision as was demonstrated by our unanimous acceptance of it.We left the conference in high motivation, a GamePlan which will ensure we are well placed in the countries in which we operate, and plan to open new markets in the next two years, and a determination to make real progress before our first strategic review in three months.Your ability to ask the right question at the right time and focus our deliberations was the key to our success. Dr Andor Richter, Senior Vice President, Parsons Energy and Chemicals Group Senior Vice President, Parsons Energy and Chemicals Group. (Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia)   If you would like to discuss your requirements or learn more why not phone our CEO Alan J Whitaker at +44 79 6022 7478 or e-mail us at