Corporate Reinvention Experts

Today, companies face an array of daunting new challenges: the commoditisation of knowledge, the emergence of ultra-low cost competitors, the rapid growth of employee and customer power, unrelenting change and collapsing barriers to entry. These unprecedented problems demand unprecedented solutions – solutions that will only emerge when top management learn to innovate as boldly in the area of leadership as they do around products, services and delivery. The problem facing most Executive Teams is that they do not possess the experience or technology to create either strategic plans or a leadership culture which fully integrate the creation of sustainable competitive advantage and growth with energising the creativity and talents of their people.

We at FWI have built our business around 

  •  Enabling executive teams to identify future niches and positioning with a high probability of sustainable growth and profitability
  • Becoming a strategy focused enterprise
  • Creating a climate for continual innovation and change
  • Reinventing the ethos, essence and spirit of your organisation
  • Winning the pride, commitment and loyalty of your employees Gaining client excitement and loyalty thereby increasing your profitability and future prospects.

If you would like to discuss creating a vibrant enthusiastic workforce dedicated to delivering on budget, on spec and on time with the passion and creativity to ensure the future success of your organisation, give our CEO, Alan J Whitaker, a ring on + 44 79 6022 7478 or e-mail him at