Facilitation for Strategic Renewal

“The management team have developed a much closer relationship and teamwork has increased significantly. We now enjoy real ownership and responsibility within the management team”. Tommy Huane, Colchester, U.K.

“The manner in which you approached the task was professional and thorough.  I enjoyed your enthusiasm and commitment very much.” Derek Clark. Chief Director, Surveys and Mapping SA.

“We are working together as a ‘passionate team’ by drawing on each other strengths, aiding in areas of weakness and focusing on the end result”.    Trent T. Gathright, Houston, USA

“Morale is high despite a recent merger and the closure of our production facilities”. Steve Mangham, Colchester, U.K.

“Everybody takes responsibility. Suppliers are treated as partners and we are committed to continuous improvement”. Steve Hughes, Sydney, Australia

“I have been impressed by the real results of this intervention and recommend the program to anyone seeking a fresh approach”.  Simon Peyton, Managing Director, Table Bay Spinners Limited, South Africa

“We undoubtedly know which direction to go in the future.  The process and technologies you used throughout the conference were refreshing compared to those traditionally used by precious facilitators and enabled us to agree our future vision and the detail of the reinvented company – all in a day and a half!

“We left the conference with high motivation, a GamePlan that will ensure we are well placed in the countries in which we operate and plan to develop markets over the next two years, and a determination to make real progress before our next review session”.   Dr Andor Richter, Senior Vice President, Parsons Energy and Chemicals Group Limited, UK. “Alan J Whitaker acted as professional facilitator for a “Strategic Time-out” session with the executive team of the Military Aircraft Division of Denel in South Africa. The division was characterised by a very complex strategic dilemma, a management group of outstanding individuals without a team ethos and a less than satisfactory forward order book.    “We had tried on previous occasions to address these issues without noticeable success. “The “Strategic Time-out” achieved all of its objectives. I can think of no better commendation for Alan Whitaker’s role as facilitator than to say that with Alan present the group achieved what it could not do on its own and yet hardly noticed Alan’s contribution. “The deliberations remained focussed throughout and the pace never flagged until the objectives were met and documented. We would all recommend Alan as a facilitator for any similar strategic planning exercise. “Mr Whitaker is a skilled facilitator whose total immersion into the group’s problems, challenges and future positioning efforts was good. He allowed the group to develop and commit to its own plans without overt contribution or intervention. His personality, approach and methodology was entirely suited to our objectives. The sessions where he was in total charge went well and were handled with no-nonsense or time-wasting. Noel Potter, Denel Aviation, South Africa