What parents say

Parents are expansive in crowing about their achievements.

‘I used to copy what my parents did – or the opposite – with varying degrees of success. These new skills have opened my eyes and we are making progress I did not think possible.’

‘My kids use family meetings to discuss my behaviour! We are a more close-knit family unit – a team if you like!’

‘I have discovered that Charlie loves routine. Now he gets up at six, goes to the loo, dresses in strict order, pants, shirt, trousers, etc., eats breakfast, cleans teeth, picks up the bag he packed the previous night and meets me at the car where he expects me to be at 6.45! He gets to school and I get to work on time. It works!’ 

‘Win-Win Parenting has taught me to keep my emotions in check and to keep focus.’

‘One-on-one coaching is a winner. Goal setting is the key to future success.’

‘I have definitely learnt new skills for bringing up my beautiful children which has been difficult at times. Now we will definitely get there!’

‘Thank you so much for your time and input. I want to learn more!!!!’

Parents also rave about the fact their school has presented these programmes as much as they praise the skills and commitment of the teachers who presented them.

Well done! Congrats team on an absolutely polished /professional workshop.’

‘Fantastic. This School has a lot of initiative.’

‘The presenters did a great job of breaking the ice and making it practical.’

‘Well done and well facilitated.’

‘Such imagination and creativity. You guys are great!’