Create a customer focused ‘can do’ culture

What difference would it make to your revenue if every employee in your organisation had a ‘customer focused can do’ attitude?

A survey of 60 countries by the Gallup organization reveals that between 70% and 80% of employees have ‘can’t do / won’t do’ attitudes.  The impact on productivity, morale and customer delight metrics is evident. 

These emotionally uncommitted employees share a slogan “Keep out of trouble!”  They take no risks and seldom will go the extra mile for the customer.  They only do exactly what you brief them to do.  No more.  No less.  They sell the hours of their life.  This does not mean they are all inefficient.  Many do good work and a full day’s work.  But they are only doing the job to meet your expectations – or keep out of trouble.

Every salesman, policeman or social worker comes under immense pressure from their clients to bend the rules.  “Your boss won’t miss a few dollars”. “Loosen up.  I’m not that drunk”, “If I promise to look after my Mum properly will you stop coming around?”   Uncommitted employees may well sympathise with, or wish to avoid a confrontation with these people and buckle.

Contrast this to a proud committed and loyal salesman, policeman or social worker who appreciates the role he/she plays for their organisation or society.  They will normally remain strong and loyal to their principles and the ethos of their organisation.

Creatiing pride, commitment and loyalty and with it a customer focused ‘can-do’ culture is not optional.  It is a key strategy for improving consistent customer delight and profitablility.

FWI profit improvement programs enable top management to create a customer focused ‘can do’ culture radically changing employee and customer experiences and expectations and increasing sustainable profitablity.

Change a ‘can’t do’ culture into a customer focused ‘can do’ culture

  • Employees take responsibility for problem solving and capitalising on new opportunities
  • Employees believe that solutions always exist
  • Each employee enjoys the full backing from a management team proud of the achievements and positive attitudes of their people
  • Customers enjoy legendary service experiences first time and every time
  • When things go wrong, or customers require an unusual service, employees make decisions taking a long term view of benefits to the organisation
  • Employee pride, commitment and loyalty is ignited
  • Employee performance and enjoyment of work metrics soar
  • Higher profits and greater growth
  • Radical changes are brought about quickly and smoothly

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