Profit Improvement Programmes

Change Management is our life.

  • Defining your future direction
  • Determine the shape of your portfolio of companies, core competencies, products or services 
  • Exploit future economic, social and lifestyle trends and emerging technologies in computers, telecommunications, robotics, simultaneous language translation, etc.
  • Identify and select niche markets with viable future potential
  • Become a strategy focused enterprise
  • Create a climate for continual innovation and change
  • Reinvent the ethos, essence and spirit of your organisation
  • Win the pride, commitment and loyalty of your employees
  • Gain client excitement and loyalty thereby increasing your profitability and future prospects

FWI Gameplans, Passion creates Profits, and Return on Culture enable top management to reinvent their organizations radically changing and deepening employee and customer experiences, and transforming participating companies and their executives into Future Winners. 

These highly interactive experiences stimulate fresh thinking, new insights, and different strategic directions utilising the knowledge, energy and passion of employees, managers and suppliers.  The resulting action plans receive full commitment creating a culture that delivers on its promises.

Ensuring that every customer enjoys a legendary experience increases the number of profitable customers as they return repeatedly to the organisation and pass the message of their positive experience to others.

The FWI programmes have been developed drawing on industry and business process expertise and are based on research of millions of customers and several hundred thousand employees.

The programs focus on:

  • Triggering growth and profit
  • Consistently delivering promises
  • Winning and retaining loyal profitable customers
  • Galvanizing employee commitment
  • Creating a ‘can do’ culture
  • Inspiring change
  • Optimizing organisational effectiveness
  • Identifying and demolishing bottlenecks

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