Win passionate, profitable customers

By how much would your profits grow if your customers became your evangelists?

According to a Gallup survey of eleven million customers in 60 countries:

  • Loyal passionate customers contribute 25% – 100% higher profits than those who buy on price or for convenience
  • These customers become evangelists influencing contacts to use companies where they consistently enjoy positive emotional experiences

The FWI Improvement Program, Passion creates Profits will enable you to increase growth and profitability by:

  • Consistently delivering positive emotional experiences to customers
  • Galvanising your employees to provide legendary experiences to every customer every time 
  • Continually increasing the number of loyal passionate customers
  • Winning high customer loyalty turning customers into evangelists insisting that their friends and colleagues do business with you 
  • Increasing the number of profitable customers

In this decade, the winners will be those who win the battle for ‘word of mouth’ support.

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