Strategic Planning Facilitation

Strategic planning techniques that were used successfully in the twentieth century have become obsolete.  In this world of increasingly rapid and unexpected change a completely new set of tools and processes are needed. 

As leading futurists and extremely creative corporate strategists we have developed strategic planning techniques for the twenty first century which assist top management to:

  • Understand the next 5 – 10 years
  • Identify future opportunities and risks
  • Identify possible profitable niches / markets, products and services
  • Discover what they want to become famous for
  • Restate their goals in terms which motivate their managers and employees at all levels
  • Link the board room to the back room gaining the comment and energy of all employees and management to attainment of the corporate vision
  • Ensure that all incentives, activities and budgets are aligned to the achievement of the Strategic GamePlan©
  • Provide the leadership which builds employee commitment and leads to increasing the number of profitable, loyal and passionate customer

FWI Strategic GamePlan©

Winning professional sports teams: 

  • Set a three year goal to win the league
  • Implement the game plan they believe will defeat all opposition game plans
  • Identify the talent required to fill each position and select players accordingly
  • Define plans for building morale and coaching players

We have taken this approach and fine tuned it and named it the FWI Strategic GamePlan©

Enterprises around the world have used this process to

  • Adapt to changing opportunities and threats in the market place that are beyond the capabilities of traditional systems and competitive strategies
  • Use Strategic GamePlans© to discover and evaluate alternative routes to profit maximisation and growth that you had not previously considered 
  • Implement the GamePlan© you believe will defeat all opposition game plans and open the road to sustained growth and profitability
  • Develop a motivational winning vision goal
  • Identify the talent required to fill each position and select / position your players accordingly
  • Define and implement plans for building morale and coaching players
  • Unlock the knowledge, pride, loyalty and enthusiasm of every stakeholder
  • Involve all your players in establishing a customer focused ‘can-do’ culture
  • Become a strategy focused organisation
  • Achieve optimal profitability and growth through employee pride and commitment and customer loyalty

FWI Strategic GamePlans©  is an ongoing process which installs focus on strategy achievement as a way of life throughout the organisation.

FWI Strategic Investment Matrix©

Responsibility for public funds far exceeds a duty of care, and planning for future income and expenditure requires more than a conventional 3-5 year budget.

Investors expect that a detailed strategic plan is backed by a rigorous financial plan with the flexibility to reallocate funds for strategic and tactical reasons.

Our Strategic Investment Matrix© enables such flexibility. All planned expenditure whether to support current structures or expansion is allocated within a matrix and degrees of flexibility indicated by red, orange and green codes

This means you are able to decide extremely rapidly which packets are available at short notice for redeployment. It also reduces the need to keep a large amount of ‘expedience’ money in reserve in case of catastrophies or sudden opportunity. 

Should you decide to utilise our expertise in assisting you to develop a Strategic GamePlan©, the Strategic Investment Matrix© will be utilised as a key element in the implementation phase.  

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