Keynote Speeches

Alan J Whitaker, CEO of Future Winners International is an extraordinary speaker whose unique and refreshing outlook inspires and motivates his audience. He provides every conference with a dynamic energy and future focus. He brings elegance, wit and leadership to every conference he addresses. Presentations are punctuated by breaks for audience participation, laughter, comments from the floor, high levels of interest and real learning with a high take home component.  It may sound like learning with lots of fun.  It is.  That’s the way he likes it! Each presentation is specifically researched and designed to meet the needs of the conference organiser and to provide the audience with important and relevant information.

The focus of his presentations is not only on providing information but on what organisations, teams and individuals should do to become future winners. Over the past 22 years Alan J Whitaker and his Associates at FWI have made presentations to over 140,000 directors, managers and specialists while being retained to consult with more than 2,000 organisations on five continents.  Over the past year he has made more than two dozen keynote speeches around the world.

Alan and his Associates predicted many of the products and services which are now in daily use as well as in the transformation of society, education, telecommuting, the structure of organisations,unrelenting change, the commoditisation of knowledge, the emergence of ultra-low cost competitors, the rapid growth of customer power and employee expectations, collapsing barriers to entry, and the disappearance of boundaries to industries.

Clients normally request us to cover four key areas:

  • How they can prepare for a future in which change is rapidly accelerating
  • How to become a strategy focused organisation enjoying the energy of everyone pushing in the same direction
  • How to win the pride, commitment and loyalty of their employees
  • Converting customers into highly profitable evangelists

To assist you to plan your presentation you might like to choose topics from the following list

  • How to exploit future economic, social and lifestyle trends
  • How the way we will do business and live will be radically changed by products shortly to be launched as a consequence of scientific discoveries and innovations in computers, telecommunications, robotics, language translation, voice recognition and other technologies
  • Possible scenarios of the future
  • The key business drivers for increasing profitability over the next five years
  • How to survive and thrive in the future
  • How customer and employee expectations are rapidly evolving
  • How the organisation and its internal teams can develop inspiring vision goals  
  • How to become a strategy focused enterprise
  • How to reinvent the ethos, essence and spirit of your organisation
  • How to gain employee passion and commitment thereby increasing your profitability and future prospects
  • How to boost future growth and profitability
  • Converting customers into highly committed company advocates
  • How to win customer excitement and loyalty

Enjoy a future oriented and action focus at your next event be it a major industry convention, board and executive team briefing, customer and supplier conference, or an away-day or retreat. Why not make us the first speaker at your event?

“I forewarned you that my management team can be a tough challenge but you provided the most interesting and motivating presentation we have had or many years. You met the objective of laying down a picture of how the world might look in 5 – 10 years time and where customer service may go in the future.”  Sam Rayner, Managing Director, Lakeland Limited, U.K

“You’ve really inspired me with your enthusiastic approach and your creativity. Hope we’ll meet again”. Charlene Nieuwoudt, Communication and Public Relations Practitioner, Cape town.

Why not convert your presentation into two hour, four hour or even full day workshop in order to fully evaluate alternative courses of action and develop detailed plans to become future winners. Many clients do! We can assist you in planning the contribution you would like us to make as well as developing the theme for your conference.

Find out more how our keynote presentations can transform the leadership of your organization by calling FWI on + 44 79 6022 7478 or e-mail us at