The Opportunity

The Company provides senior executives wishing to start their own business as futurists and corporate reinvention specialists with proven technologies which have enabled executive teams of organisations, even those recently merged, to understand the future in which they will operate and then to develop fully aligned strategic plans to build sustainable businesses.

We enjoy a distinct lead over big and small competing management consultancies in two areas:

  • Enabling executive teams to reinvent their organisations to enjoy the PRIDE, COMMITMENT and LOYALTY of EMPLOYEES AND CUSTOMERS
  • Recognising that organisations are composed of teams and individuals, Strategic GamePlanning© surpasses all competitive strategic planning techniques in ensuring that optimising pride, commitment and loyalty among customers and employees is fully integrated with profit optimisation, exploitation of intellectual property and technologies utilised by the organisation and the development of its reputation.

As a consequence, our clients around the world report favourably on their ability to transform their organisations as successful enterprises despite the current uncompromising business environment characterised by unrelenting change, the commoditisation of knowledge, the emergence of ultra-low cost competitors, the rapid growth of customer power and employee expectations, collapsing barriers to entry, on-going mergers and the disappearance of boundaries to industries.

We have an excellent reputation for assisting our clients to:

  • Generate scenarios of the future
  • ·         Identify and select niche markets with viable future potential·        
  •  Write motivational and meaningful vision goals·         
  • Develop a Strategic GamePlan© using FWI technologies designed for this decade and the next·        
  •  Ensure that the efforts of every division, team and individual are fully aligned to the vision goal·        
  •  Make strategy implementation the task of every team and individual·         
  • Ensure strategy is a continual process and way of life·         
  • Ignite employee commitment and customer passion and loyalty·        
  •  Create a customer focused ‘can do’ culture

Our reputation enables us to compete with the biggest consultancies, but choose to focus mainly on medium sized organisations.

“Morale is high despite a recent merger and the closure of our production facilities”. Steve Mangham, Colchester, U.K.

“Everybody takes responsibility. Suppliers are treated as partners and we are committed to continuous improvement”. Steve Hughes, Sydney, Australia

 “I cannot say enough good things about your program. Your profit improvement program has helped us to be more customer oriented and to establish a “CAN DO” attitude“.  Kaveh Someah, Director, Power & Industrial, Eimco Water Technologies, USA

“FWI has ignited our goal of working together as a ‘passionate team’ by drawing on each other strengths, aiding in areas of weakness and focusing on the “end result.”. Trent T. Gathright, Houston, USA

“I forewarned you that my management team can be a tough challenge but you provided the most interesting and motivating presentation we have had or many years. You met the objective of laying down a picture of how the world might look in 5 – 10 years time and where customer service may go in the future.”  Sam Rayner, Managing Director, Lakeland Limited, U.K.

In order to extend the reach of its programmes, FWI began recruiting franchisees and licensees in 2005. 

We train and mentor a small number of ex-senior executives who have become franchisees. Following intensive training on FWI reinvention systems and material, trainees enter an internship lasting six to twelve months depending on progress made. After graduation they are licensed to operate independently utilising FWI on-going futures research and evolving corporate reinvention programmes.  

Darron was a headmaster of a large private school before joining FWI. He gave up a job he loved to pursue his burning passion to reinvent organisations as passionate hothouses where employee and customer pride, commitment and loyalty ensures profitability and sustainable growth.

Realising that he would not have the credibility to go it alone he decided to join the dynamic FWI franchise and now raves about the training, mentoring and on-going support he receives.

Most CEOs kid themselves that their industry will experience incremental change over the next five years. Their gameplan is to make changes when the necessity arises. These organisations are about to join the millions of others which have gone to the wall for failing to recognise change and adapt.

Enterprises which make the right strategic decisions about what they want to be famous for and energetically undertake reinvention will be the future winners.

It is this gap in the market which FWI franchisees address with their skills as futurists and corporate reinvention experts.   

We also appoint established consultancies as licensees.

We are always keen to discuss joining our winning team on the telephone and will provide much more detail during our initial meeting. 

Phone our CEO Alan J Whitaker on +44 79 6022 7478 or e-mail him at