Future Trend Analysis and Presentations

As futurists we don’t just talk about the future.  We will help you to analyse how future trends and emerging technologies will impact your organisation’s future then work with you to develop and implement plans to become future winners. 

Many CEOs kid themselves that their industry will experience only small incremental changes over the next five years. Their game plan is to make changes when the necessity arises. These organisations are about to join the millions of others which have gone to the wall for failing to recognize change and adapt. Enterprises which make the right strategic decisions and energetically undertake reinvention to capture the passion and commitment of their employees and clients will be the future winners.

We can assist you to

  • Study probable impacts of future economic, social, lifestyle, customer and employee trends and emerging technologies in telecommunications, computers, simultaneous translation, robotics, nanotechnology, etc.
  • Identify and evaluate potential business opportunities and niche markets
  • Identify possible threats and the impact they could have on your customers and markets
  • Generate scenarios for your organisation’s future
  • Identify and select niche markets with viable future potential
  • Develop an inspiring vision goal
  • Proactively identify the future reputation, strategies and structure you will need
  • Create Strategic GamePlans© to get there
  • Reinvent the ethos, essence and spirit of your organisation
  • Gain employee pride and commitment to win client excitement and loyalty and thereby increasing sustainable profitability and future prospects of your organisation
  • Align your workforce to create a strategy-focused organisation
  • Build highly effective energised organisations
  • Prepare your organisation for continuous renewal 
  • Break bottlenecks
  • Implement Best Practices© covering every key activity to win the hearts and minds of your team in order to create a reputation for consistent
  • Ensure managing change becomes as routine as using your budgetary planning and control system

Keynote presentations:

·   International conventions

·   Corporate conferences

·   Board and Executive team briefings

·   Company retreats and away-days

Workshops &Profit Improvement Programmes

·   Scenario development

·   Identifying and selecting niche markets with potential

·   Developing an inspiring vision goal

·   Reinvent the ethos, essence and spirit of your Organisation

·   Gaining passionate employee and client commitment

Are you prepared for the future?  Take the test.

(1 = Don’t know, 2 = Maybe, 3 = Probably, 4 = Certain)

A score of 10 or less means you are likely to make expensive strategic and tactical mistakesYour score
Do you know how your organisation will be affected by unrelenting change in:

.Telecommunications, computing, robotics, optics, nanotechnology and biotechnology?
computing, robotics, optics, nanotechnology and biotechnology?
.Social, economic, political and lifestyle trends?
.Employee and customer expectations and power?

Is your organisation future-proofed to face the array of daunting new challenges: the commoditisation of information, the emergence of ultra-low cost competitors, collapsing barriers to entry, on-going mergers and the disappearance of boundaries to industries?
Is there any possibility that the mass retailers, Chinese and other Asian businesses, or enterprises in other industries will enter your present or future markets?

Future Winners International can help you “I forewarned you that my management team can be a tough challenge but you provided the most interesting and motivating presentation we have had or many years. You met the objective of laying down a picture of how the world might look in 5 – 10 years time and where customer service may go in the future.”  Sam Rayner, Managing Director, Lakeland Limited, U.K. We left the conference with high motivation, a GamePlan that will ensure we are well placed in the countries in which we operate and plan to develop markets over the next two years, and a determination to make real progress before our next review session. Dr Andor Richter, Senior Vice President, Parsons Energy and Chemicals Group Limited, UK .More 

Next step. We are keen to assist you to become a future winner! If you would like to discuss how FWI can assist you and your team to beat your competitors and exploit emerging technologies and economic, social, political and lifestyle trends, phone us + 44 79 6022 7478 or e-mail our CEO Alan J Whitaker at alan@futurewinners.com